Behind the Cover Story: You’re the Only One by E.M. Abel

by E.M. Abel

Behind the Cover Story is a cover reveal with an exclusive guest post from the author about said cover. Maybe, it’s an explanation of how they came up with the concept. Maybe, it’s how they found their model. Maybe, it’s more than that.




Sky and Dillon became best friends bonded through struggle, heartbreak, and a promise to get away from it all.

Together they move to New York to pursue their passions. Dillon is a singer/songwriter looking for his big break while Sky wants nothing more than to become a top fashion designer.

Years later, they’re still chasing their dreams. Their friendship has endured jealousy, insecurity, disappointments, and even open relationships.

But can they survive falling in love?





~ Guest Post ~

Choosing the covers for my books is one of my favorite parts of the publishing process. I love art so the challenge of portraying a story and evoking feelings through images is a lot of fun for me. In the past I’ve even taken the photos for my covers. (My Breaking Free Series) This time I found some good stock photos and sent them off to my friend and cover designer, Renee Ericson from Re Creatives. I told her a little about the plot of my book and she came up with the perfect design. 

Music plays a really large role in this story since Dillon is a singer/songwriter so, it made total sense to have a guitar on the cover. I also loved the representation of Sky. I like that her back is exposed and she appears vulnerable because Dillon is the only person that truly knows that side of her. The moment I saw this I knew it was the perfect cover for You’re the Only One. 

You’re the Only One release April 11, 2017 – Add it on Goodreads >HERE<


About E.M. Abel

E.M. Abel was born and raised a Marine Corps brat. She spent a large portion of her life moving and living in her mother’s home country, Japan. As a result, she gained independence and a unique perspective on the world. The youngest of three girls, E.M. Abel spent a lot of time alone in her room writing or sketching in her journals and dreaming up stories. Growing up, she wrote poems, short stories and articles for her high school newspaper. She also fell in love with art and discovered her deep need for self-expression.

Now, a Navy wife with two small children of her own, she still loves being creative and most of all translating her stories into novels. E.M. Abel, now referred to as E or Em by her friends and readers, can often be found with her headphones on jamming out to punk rock, in a chair getting tattooed or cooking dinner for her kids and attending gymnastics practice. No matter what she’s doing in life, she’s always sure to do it her way.

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