Black Heart’s Best of 2015 – Year End Wrap Up

What a year 2015 turned out to be for us black hearted ladies! It was our first full year as a blog and we’ve grown so much. Debbie and Ali traveled to a few places, including their first RT convention and YallWest. 

They also hit up an author event in Portland where they met, live and in person, Tiffany. Convincing her to become part of Black Heart was really easy with a few Vodka Tonics (with extra limes, of course) under her belt.  😉  We’re very happy to have her be part of the blog and part of our little family.

Also in Portland, was Leah.  She didn’t fall for our Vodka Tonic tricks though. But eventually gave in after a night of ridiculously fun haunted houses. Maybe we just needed to put the fear in her? Regardless of how she joined, she’s definitely a fun addition!

We’ve also grown our follower family and we love you all dearly. It warms our tar colored hearts that you all take time to interact and talk books with us every day. 

Below are a few of our favorite reads from the year, leave us a comment to tell us what your favorites were!

Moving forward, 2016 promises big (HUGE) things for us.  We’re hosting our second Emerald City Author Event next April in Seattle and our first event – Mile High Author Event – in Denver the following September. World domination will follow shortly after.


2015 Favorite Covers

PicMonkey CollageFave Covers


2015 Favorite Heroines

Hudson Lane from Claimed by Elle Kennedy (Ali’s Pick)

Hawthorne Macy from Hawthorne and Healthcliff by RK Ryals (Leah’s Pick)

Aliyana Lucia (Ally Prince) from Sweet Hope by Tillie Cole (Tiffany’s Pick)


2015 Favorite Heroes

Logan from The Single Game by Amanda Black (Ali’s Pick)

Joe Callahan from At Peace by Kristen Ashley (Debbie’s Pick)

Cole Masten from Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre (Leah’s Pick)


2015 Favorite Young Adult

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Debbie’s Pick)

Golden Sun by Pierce Brown (Leah’s Pick)

Dusty Deliquents by Mary & Sarah Elizabeth (Tiffany’s Pick)

Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott (Ali’s Pick)


2015 Steamiest Reads

Trust by Ella Frank (Leah’s Pick)

Reasonable Doubt Serials by Whitney G. (Tiffany’s Pick)

Priest by Sierra Simone (Ali’s Pick)

Deacon by Kristen Ashley (Debbie’s Pick)


2015 Biggest Letdowns

The Moment of Letting Go by J.A. Redmersky (Ali’s Pick)

Wrong by Jana Aston (Debbie’s Pick)

Black Balled by Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir (Leah’s Pick)


2015 Favorite Paranormal Reads

City in Ruins or In The Land of Tea and Ravens, both by RK Ryals (one is fantasy, one is slightly paranormal) (Leah’s Pick)

End of Days by Susan Ee (Ali’s Pick)


2015 Biggest Ugly Cry Reads

Arsen by Mia Asher (Tiffany’s Pick)

Letters Written in White by Kathryn Perez (Leah’s Pick)

Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti (Ali’s Pick)

The Shadows by J.R. Ward (Debbie’s Pick)


2015 Best Therapy Inducing Reads

Asking for It by Lilah Pace (Ali’s Pick)

The Shadows by J.R. Ward (Debbie’s Pick)

Jezebel by K Larsen (Leah’s Pick)

Beautiful Series by Christina Lauren (Tiffany’s Pick)


Ali’s Top Reads of the Year

Claimed by Elle Kennedy – All the Rage by Courtney Summers – Echo by E.K. Blair – Kick by Carmen Jenner


Debbie’s Top Reads of the Year

At Peace by Kristen AshleyRide Steady by Kristen Ashley – Thicker Than Blood by Madelin Sheehan & Claire C. Riley Sustained by Emma Chase


Leah’s Top Reads of the Year

Wings Over Poppies by JA DeRouenComplicate Me by M RobinsonHawthorne and Healthcliff by RK Ryals – End of Day by Jewel E Ann – Kulti by Mariana Zapata


Tiffany’s Top Reads of the Year

Sweet Fall by Tillie ColeConviction by Corinne MichaelsPaper Hearts by Claire Contreras


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