Chat Review: Trust by Kylie Scott

Chat Review: Trust by Kylie ScottTrust by Kylie Scott
July 18, 2017
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 372
Format: ARC
Source: Copy for Honest Review
Also by this author: Twist
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Being young is all about the experiences: the first time you skip school, the first time you fall in love…the first time someone holds a gun to your head.

After being held hostage during a robbery at the local convenience store, seventeen year old Edie finds her attitude about life shattered. Unwilling to put up with the snobbery and bullying at her private school, she enrolls at the local public high school, crossing paths with John. The boy who risked his life to save hers. While Edie’s beginning to run wild, however, John’s just starting to settle down. After years of partying and dealing drugs with his older brother, he’s going straight—getting to class on time, and thinking about the future.

An unlikely bond grows between the two as John keeps Edie out of trouble and helps her broaden her horizons. But when he helps her out with another first—losing her virginity—their friendship gets complicated.

Meanwhile, Edie and John are pulled back into the dangerous world they narrowly escaped. They were lucky to survive the first time, but this time they have more to lose—each other.

When Ali started reading Trust, she gushed over it a little bit and that got Tiffany’s attention. This is Tiffany’s first Kylie Scott book, but we get the feeling she’ll be back for more! (Somethings never change, I’ll stalk Ali for LIFE. -Tiffany)


Three words to describe Trust?

Ali: Honest. Brave. Mature.

Tiffany: Real. Funny. And I’m going to have to go with mature also. 

Ali: Right? It doesn’t have that all too familiar whiny teenage feel to it. Both Edie and John were pretty down to Earth and reasonable.

Tiffany: Is it too soon to want to re-read?! I could use some more John and Edie in my life.

Ali: Not at all, I’m ready too!

Do you think you would have handled the robbery like John or like Edie or completely different?

Tiffany: I’m not sure to be honest. I would like to think I would be a John, especially if I had my kids with me or even without, he did what he could and that’s definitely more than most.  Actually you know what I’m pretty sure I’d be a John and then when all is said and done, I would be an Edie.  

Ali: I’d also like to think I’d be like John, all level headed. But, I think that would only happen if there were people I loved with me. Otherwise…I’d freak the fuck out.

Tiffany: Fuck that was an intense beginning…

What was the one thing you loved most about Edie?

Ali: For me, I think her self awareness. She’s not a shallow girl. Even though she’d love for a boy to like her, she’s not overly insecure about it. She still has that vein of vulnerability that all us women do, but she’s still very honest about it all. She was one strong chic and liked how she took strides to to live her life on her own terms.

Tiffany: I always agree with you Ali! Lol.  But really though I love how she was apologetically herself without also being pretentious.  Without spoiling much I adored the way she went about a certain relationship with her friend.  She displayed that you don’t always have to forgive someone because of who they have been to you and more so once you do decide to forgive them DOES NOT mean you have to allow them back in your life.  That, I liked, A LOT. 

Ali: Yep! It wasn’t only the way she dealt with that relationship though, that same assuredness showed in a couple spots with John.

Did you like the way the relationship between Edie and John evolved?

Tiffany: YES! I know we talked about this when you were sort of in my hood a few weeks ago but that is something I loved MOST.  I love YA but sometimes I get turned off by how unrealistic it could be… Let’s be honest there’s more pining and wanting then there is actually having in HS and then all of a sudden like the sex is explosive, like come on I’m an adult and don’t know some of the tricks that are happening in YA books.  

They became friends first and then shit got awkward, they way IT REALLY DOES.  I’m just really remembering how much I love John right now and I am now having a hard time focusing. >.< Back to their evolution, right, it was perfect and true to their age and due to what happened to them they both began changing and I was happy they had one another through that. 

Ali: Yes, yes, yes! I always think that authors who aren’t actively involved in a teenager’s life, should not write teenagers. I don’t know if Scott has teens, but she definitely wrote them as if she does. I think it’s easy to forget that a lot of teens are really quite grown up, more so than some adults, and are completely able to navigate a relationship the same as adults.

This goes back to that overall feeling of maturity in Trust. I think this book will not only resonate with a new, younger fanbase for Scott but will also do well with her current readers who love her adult work so much.

Overall thoughts about Trust?

Tiffany: I LOVED IT.  The beginning started strong and I was a little worried with what might follow. But that’s what I get for jumping to conclusions. The time line followed through with perfection. Chapter after chapter, I fell further and further in love. I honestly feel repetitive because I seriously want to do nothing but fawn over this book and I have said how much I love it like a million times already. Overall it was an amazing story about a REAL relationship, REAL evolving characters, REAL situations, all of it just felt entirely REAL. As previously stated this may have been my first Kylie Scott book but it is no where near my last.  


We have not talked about have much I loved one of the car scenes… John, oy vay JOHN!!! Ali I know you know which part I’m talking about, ugh it would totally be worth missing curfew for!!!

Ali: Hahaha, I’m surprised it took until the end of the review for you to bring that up! And yeah…broken curfew…restrictions galore…ALL WORTH IT.

I basically agree with all you just said to sum up this book. So, I’m going to finish this up and maybe head right back in for a re-read!










About Kylie Scott

Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

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