Leah’s Top Five Go-To Books

So, I read.  A lot.  I’m one of those crazy bitches that finishes a book in a day and starts book 2 before the day ends.  I bounce from one genre to the next and have absolutely no rhyme or reason to what story I’ll open next.

But sometimes, I get stuck.  Like… I start whippin’ out DNF’s and make them rain like crisp one’s at a strip joint.  Or everything just starts to blur together and I get stuck and nothing quite tickles my fancy.  And at this point my mind needs a break and I do one of three things:  watch some mindless TV (I love you Chip and Joanna!  Anyone wanna go to Waco with me?),  watch some M/M tumblr and well, yeah…   or I pick up one of my go-to books.

And since this is a book blog and not my platform to express my love for the Gaines’ or my penchant for M/M masturbation…  I’m gonna share with ya’ll my all-time favorite, could-read-one-million-times-and-never-get-bored books.  You’re welcome.


The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue

New Orleans, 1920s. Raziela Nolan is in the throes of a magnificent love affair when she dies in a tragic accident. In an instant, she leaves behind her one true love and her dream of becoming a doctor — but somehow, she still remains. Immediately after her death, Razi chooses to stay between — a realm that exists after life and before whatever lies beyond it.

From this remarkable vantage point, Razi narrates the stories of her lost love, Andrew, and the relationship of Amy and Scott, a couple whose house she haunts almost seventy-five years later. The Mercy of Thin Air entwines these two fateful and redemptive love stories that echo across three generations. From ambitious, forward-thinking Razi, who illegally slips birth control guides into library books; to hip Web designer Amy, who begins to fall off the edge of grief; to Eugenia, caught between since the Civil War, the characters in this wondrous novel sing with life. Evoking the power of love, memory, and time, The Mercy of Thin Air culminates in a startling finish that will leave readers breathless.

Book Link: Amazon 

This is hands down one of the best love stories you will ever read.  It’s about a gal named Razi who lives in New Orleans in the 1920s.  She is raised in a time where women are expected to grow up to be wives and mothers, but all she wants is to go to college and become a doctor.  Not only that, she wants to empower women.  To give them options and a voice.  She is feisty and fearless and the most perfect heroine you will set your eyes on.  And somehow she finds a man that not only loves her, but accepts her many quirks and even encourages the craziness.  Their love is fucking beautiful.

But alas, Razi dies tragically and BAM.  She’s a ghost, and stuck in between life and…whatever comes after death. The story goes back and forth from her story when she was living and breathing, and her story as a ghost.  She haunts a house with a young couple that you can’t help but freaking adore.  They have ups and downs and Razi is there to see it all, and even mess with them a bit.   Plus she has crazy ghost friends that are just as interesting.

This story is just… God.  If you click any book in this list, I really hope its this one.  If I were to ever get words from a story etched into my skin, its a line from this book.  Those words will haunt me and heal me for the rest of my life.  I’m telling you.  This book is everything.  I read it probably 3 times a year and it’s just as good as the first time, every time.



The Diaries of Samuel Pepys by Samuel Pepys

Richard Le Gallienne’s elegant abridgment of the Diary captures the essential writings of Samuel Pepys (1633–1703), a remarkable man who witnessed the coronation of Charles II, the Great Plague of 1665, and the Great Fire of 1666. Originally scribbled in a cryptic shorthand, Pepys’s quotidian journal of life in Restoration London provides an astonishingly frank and diverting account of political intrigues; naval, church, and cultural affairs; and the sexual escapades and domestic strife of a man with a voracious, childlike appetite for living. “As a human document the Diary is literally unique,” notes Le Gallienne. “It will have a still greater value for its historical importance.”

Book Link: Amazon (Free for Kindle)

Oh em geeee. Samuel Pepys.  This man is so bizarre.  Okay, so these are diaries and there are multiple books.  This guy, my good buddy Sammy, lives in the 1600’s and YES!  These are his real, legit journals.  He wrote every freaking day – about anything and everything.  His maids.  The fish he ate for lunch.  War.  His money.  His friends that are royalty.   Pornographic books.  Everything.  I seriously just grab a journal at random, flip open whatever page presents itself….and I read.

He’s funny is a dry way, and so much happens historically, that you never really know what you’ll get.  I could (and have) spent hours reading this man’s thoughts and I just adore this dude.


Outlander by  Diana Gabaldon

Scottish Highlands, 1945. Claire Randall, a former British combat nurse, is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an “outlander”—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding clans in the year of Our Lord . . . 1743.
Claire is catapulted into the intrigues of a world that threatens her life, and may shatter her heart. Marooned amid danger, passion, and violence, Claire learns her only chance of safety lies in Jamie Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior. What begins in compulsion becomes urgent need, and Claire finds herself torn between two very different men, in two irreconcilable lives.

Book Link: Amazon

Let me start by clarifying:  When I say Outlander, I pretty much mean this entire series. If you don’t know what these books are about, then, well…  you’re dead to me. These books are the most epic, amazing…. EPIC-LY AMAZING books ever.  Ever.  I mean, Jamie Frasier… ’nuff said, amirite?

These stories follow two main characters, Claire and Jamie. Claire gets sucked through time from the 1970s to the 1770s in Scotland.  There is action.  There is adventure.  There is war and history and loss and heartbreak and laughter and love. God, that love.  It’s quite literally a love that defies time and logic.

Each book is huge. Like… 800+ pages long, and there’s a lot of them. And I can honestly say that I’ve read each one at least six or seven times, and some of them even more than that.  I find myself randomly picking up one thinking to myself, “just one chapter, I miss them.”  And then two weeks later I’ve read every book. I have more Outlander t-shirts, mugs, paperbacks, paraphernalia than any other novel, and I’ll never get enough from these characters.  (And yes, I’ve read every single spin off series, too.)  JAMMF FOREVER!


A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice

Four childhood friends in present-day New Orleans are torn apart by envy, passion, and a secret murder.

Five years ago, Meredith, Brandon, Greg, and Stephen quickly discover the fragile boundaries between friendship and betrayal as they enter high school and form new allegiances. Meredith, Brandon, and Greg gain popularity, while Stephen is viciously treated as an outcast. Then two violent deaths destroy the already delicate bonds of their friendship.

When the friends are drawn back together, new facts about their mutual history are exposed and what was held to be a tragic accident is revealed as murder. As the true story emerges, other secrets begin to unravel with more dangerous, far-reaching consequences.

A Density of Souls is a stunning debut novel that uncovers the darker side of the teenage psyche.

Book Link: Amazon

I have a history with this book.  When I was in sixth or seventh grade, I somehow stumbled upon this book at my local library.  I honestly have no idea how I found it or why I grabbed it, but I did.  And hollyyyy shiiiitt – this book changed everything for me. It was the first story I ever read that dealt with serious issues likes homophobia, bullies, murder, eating disorders, etc.

This book follows a group of friends that once they get into high school, they go their separate ways.  But their pasts are full of secrets, and their futures are filled with lies, and its just a huge mind fuck of “what the Hell is going on?”

I was totally too young to read this book, but I loved it.  And, actually, I still have it.  Yes, I stole the freaking library copy, but you don’t realize what reading those words did to me!  (I’m totally laughing right now, because it sounds ridiculous but it’s so true.)  And I love grabbing this book and visiting all of these broken, messed up characters over and over again.


Brie Learns The Art of Submission by Red Phoenix

Join Brianna Bennett as she is introduced to the erotic world of submission… Brie’s life changes the day Sir comes to her tiny tobacco shop. His invitation to the Submissive Training Center is about to rock this young woman’s world. The renowned school is famous for its elite submissive instruction. She has no idea what will be asked of her or the boundaries that will be pushed. One thing is certain: Brie is about to learn more about herself in six weeks than she has over the previous twenty-two years.

From formal classes, hands-on practicums and weekly auctions, Brie will confront her deepest fears and desires. In the process, she will also forge lifelong friendships with fellow submissives and fall for several of the Center’s skilled Doms. As graduation day approaches things begin to unravel, forcing Brie to make an unexpected choice of Master. Which Dom will ultimately earn her devotion and capture Brie’s courageous heart? 

Book Link: Amazon

So, when I read these books they were a bunch of little serials… but from what I can see you can buy the story in it’s entirety in one book (fuck yaaaa!)   This book was recommended to me by a friend, and when I looked it up on Amazon all I could do was roll my eyes.  It sounded ridiculous.  I just knew I was going to hate it and think it was the dumbest shit I had ever wasted my time on.

Aaaaand, I was wrong.  I fucking LOVE these books.  Or book.  Whatever.  Let me tell you… yes, it is  a bit ridiculous, but the writing really is quality and the story is so freaking hot you will definitely be reading with only one hand, if you’re pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down.

Brie is invited to be a part of a school where you learn the art of being a submissive.  There is book work, hands on learning, auctions, etc… and the whole purpose is for the submissive to learn what they love or hate, and in the end?  To pick their Master.

If I’m bored and I’m finding myself just not getting into romance, but other genres aren’t helping either… or if I just really want something quick and dirty to read… I grab this series.  And it’s just so ridiculously hot I don’t see an end in sight for me loving it.


Alright, so those are my top five go-to’s.  Do ya’ll have certain books that you can read over and over again and never get enough?   I’d love to hear which are yours!  <3




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