Rag Time with Uncle Neal & Jeff #3: Mile High by R.K. Lilley

**Rag Time with Uncle Neal and Jeff is a monthly feature where two
drunk dudes read mommy porn. All for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!**

Welcome to Rag Time with Uncle Neal and Jeff!  This is what
happens at my house when boys are left unattended, with beer and smut. 
This first video was sent to me as a gift one night when I was out of
town. They were tipsy and I had a paperback laying there, curiosity got
the better of them.

It was so well received that the boys have agreed to continue the hijinx
by reading an excerpt (of Black Heart Reviews choosing) every month. 
Got a particular excerpt you’d like to see them read? Let us know! 😉

**Please note, these are books we love! We are not making fun of
anything here other than the typical male reaction to reading erotica!**

James and Bianca’s tumultuous story continues in the sequel to In Flight.

has initiated Bianca into a dark and drugging world of passion and
pain. He taught her about her own submissive, masochistic nature, and
she fell swiftly and deeply in love with the undeniably charming and
impossibly beautiful Mr. Cavendish, but a painful misunderstanding and
the return of the brutally violent demon of her past have combined to
overwhelm Bianca, and, confused and hurt, she pushes him away.

been over a month since the shocking attack that hospitalized her, and
since she told a distraught James that she needed space, but her
feelings haven’t gone away. Even she knew that it was only a matter of
time before he would cast his spell on her again…

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