(Reverse)Romance Rantings: Top Favorite Things in Romance


It was brought to our attention that we bitch a lot. Okay, that’s not really true. It was suggested that we come up with a post about what we love about Romance. Surprisingly (not really), it’s so much easier to come up with a list of the things you hate.  It’s pretty easy to gloss over all the things we love. But we’re not quitters (unless it’s a diet) so we’re going to give it a try!


Top Romance Moments That Make Us Swoony Bitches:

The Face Cup – You know that moment. The one where he holds her face as if it’s the most precious thing in the world. Because it damn well is, and he knows it and he wants to keep it. Protect it. Own it. And then he kisses her and it’s the swooniest of all swoony moments. Ever. THAT moment melts us. Every. Damn. Time.

Choking – What? When did we ever say we were hopeless romantics looking for the next Mr. Darcy type? Give us a Naz or a Javier or a Caleb. Someone that plays a little dirty. We’re not saying choke a bitch out. But a little pressure on the neck during sex is a damn fine thing.

Brow to Brow –  This one gets used in a couple of different ways. Sometimes it’s so adorable. Two people with their heads together, just breathing each other in, in love. Other times it has a darker feel. It’s a struggle for them to be near each other, to fight the feelings they have for the other person. Either way, we love it. Give us a well placed forehead to forehead and watch your rating rise.

Anal – We know y’all are thinking this was Ali’s contribution, but it was not! That girl does like a little surprise anal in books, though.  Surprise anal is NOT to be confused with accidental anal. Two totally different things! Accidental anal is not acceptable. Prep is absolutely required with this procedure. Always. ALWAYS. But when done right, all us Black Heart ladies like some butt sex.

Forehead Kiss – Does this even need commentary? I think not. If you need explanation as to why this is a swoony moment – YOU ARE READING ROMANCE WRONG.

Father Figure – There is nothing sexier than a great dad.  Or a non-dad with great dad potential. Grab the hose and point it in our direction when this shit pops up in a Romance…because it makes us smoking hot.

DP – This might be an odd choice, yes? A two sausage, one taco meal may not be the typical order for a romantic dinner. Though, we’ve read a few double penetration scenes that in no way took away from the overall romance.  Again, it just has to be done right.  We don’t like a girl who carelessly bed hops from one guy to another with no care as to their feelings or the consequences that may come.  We are, however, all for a couple secure enough in their relationship to let another in on occasion for some kinky fun.

Conversation -Let’s face it, you can’t build a meaningful relationship without dialogue. Sadly, there are books where this is lacking.  When there is great, fun, meaty dialogue between the main characters, it’s much easier to fall in love right along with them.  And who doesn’t like falling in love with people falling in love?

Wall Sex – It takes some coordination and certain size parameters to accomplish great wall sex in ‘real life’.  It’s not as easy at it seems. But we can all get hammered like a nail to the wall in a steamy romance. Yes, please!

The Jerk of Our Dreams – There is just something about the guy that pushes all your buttons (yeah, even that button). They get you all fired up in both the best and worst ways. But the angry sex is so good it makes up for everything. 😉

Alphas in Disguise – Not all Alpha males are created equal. There are some males that masquerade as a beta, and then BAM! he does or says something totally Alphaliscious (whether in bed or publicly), and you’re left wondering where the hell this side of him came from. It totally blindsides you, surprises you, but also has you wanting more of that hungry Alpha.


These are only a few of our favorite romance moments. Do you agree with some of them? Tell us what some of your favorite romance moments are.

  • Betül

    Love these!! <3 Javier is one of my all time favorite book boyfriends.

    • Jennifer Schauer

      What book is Javier in?

      • Javier is a character who first appears in Karina Halle’s Sins & Needles. He then ended up with his own spin off series. 🙂

        • Jennifer Schauer

          Thanks! I love Karina Halle.Just finishing Racing with the Sun!

        • Jennifer Schauer

          BtW What is the spin off series? Adding it all to my goodreads account.

  • C.d. Reiss

    I am SO GLAD you wrote this list. Harder, yes…and worth it!

  • Danielle Kincaid

    Awesome list 🙂 way to point out the positive!

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