Review: 53 Letters For My Lover by Leylah Attar

Review: 53 Letters For My Lover by Leylah Attarby Leylah Attar
Published by Pitch73 Publishing Genres: Contemporary Women
Pages: 396
Format: eBook
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This is not your typical love story.
It’s not so black and white. Lines are crossed.
Walls are smashed. Good becomes bad.
Bad becomes very, very good.

Shayda Hijazi—the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect daughter. For thirty-three years, she has played by the rules, swallowing secrets, burying dreams and doing whatever it takes to anchor her family. Shayda Hijazi is about to come face to face with the one thing that can rip it all apart, the one thing her heart has always been denied: Love.

Troy Heathgate—untamed, exhilarating, dangerous—a man who does exactly as he pleases. Life bends to his will. Until he comes across the one thing he would give it all up for, but can never have.

Born on the same day in opposite corners of the world, their lives collide. And nothing is ever the same again.

Spanning three decades, 53 Letters for My Lover is a fiercely sensual, emotional ride to the heart of an epic, forbidden love that defies it all—an intimate exploration of love, loyalty, passion, betrayal, and the human journey for hope, happiness and redemption.

If you haven’t read anything by Leylah Attar, you’re lacking some seriously amazing shit in your life.  I read The Paper Swan by her last year and was blown away.  Blown so fucking far away I landed in the planet-not-planet Pluto and had no idea what to do with my life.  Well, except to start stalking Leylah.

So, fast forward a couple months and I see 53 Letters For My Lover is only $0.99, so I dropped everything I was reading and started it.   And let me tell you, this book consumed my entire being for the duration of the story, and will probably leave me dreaming about these characters for days ahead.

53 Letters For My Lover is a story that spans decades, revolving around two main characters – Shayda and Troy.
Shayda is a Syrian refugee – born to wealth, but ending in poverty at a young age.  She’s sent to America to marry a man and bring the opportunity of the United States to her family.   She is one of the strongest, yet weakest characters I have ever read.  Complex on so many levels.  She marries a man who is so completely in love with her, but with his troubled past, cannot handle his feelings.  Show his love.  Be a husband.  In all of the flashbacks, you see a hard working man who is just doing his best.  So when you realize this love story isn’t about Shayda and her deserving husband, it’s about another man, my heart really hurt for him.

But you see here, Shayda explains her love story with Troy.  From the beginning in broken yet beautiful and angsty  memories.  You see that while she loves her husband so. damn. much, she is in love – heart, soul, every fiber of her being – with Troy.

“I’ve crossed oceans and countries and continents.  That was the easy part.  But sitting here before Troy Heathgate now, I’m teetering a knife’s edge between honor and disgrace.”

Now, Troy.  Troy, Troy, Troy…    What can I really say besides… YUMMO.  Come to Momma, big man!
Troy is wealthy.  And sexy.  And smart.  He’s a ladies man who tastes, savors, then discards on his way to the next flavor of the week.  He snaps his fingers and he gets what he wants.

“If Troy Heathgate locks in on you, you’re done for.”

But the problem is, what he really, truly wants is Shayda.  A married woman who’s loyalty to her husband and children is almost unbreakable.   Almost.

a image of a couple on the wall

Their story is so damn angsty I found myself hardly able to breathe.  It’s all-consuming in ways that you just can’t put your tablet down while you’re reading because you have to know what happens next, and what happened before just so you can understand.  Because when a love follows you through all sorts of shit for over three decades, there is a damn complex story to absorb.

And the sex.  Sweet 8 pound baby Jesus, the sex.  That alone is a journey, and when you read this, you’ll understand.  It is so hot, so…good.  Beautiful?  I dunno, saying that makes me feel like a sappy bitch, but it’s true.  Troy Heathgate knows how to fuck his feelings right into your heart.

There are so many ups and downs in this story.  So many twists and turns.  So many amazing supporting characters that just add to the complexity of the story.  But in the end, you get a beautiful, amazing love story that really prooves true love conquers all.


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