Review: Hawke by Sawyer Bennett

Review:  Hawke by Sawyer BennettHawke by Sawyer Bennett
Published by Loveswept March 15, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Pages: 275
Format: eBook
Source: Copy for Honest Review

Off the ice, elite defenseman Hawke Therrien enjoys his fair share of booze and good times. And why shouldn’t he? He’s worked his way up from the minor leagues and made himself a star. The only thing Hawke misses from that life is the pierced, tattooed free spirit who broke his heart without so much as an explanation. She’s almost unrecognizable when she walks back into his life seven years later—except for the look in her eyes that feels like a punch to the gut.

Vale Campbell isn’t the same girl she was at twenty. As crazy as she was about Hawke, her reckless behavior and out-of-control drinking were starting to scare her. She had to clean up her act, and that would never happen with Hawke around. Cutting him loose was the hardest thing Vale ever had to do—until now. Because she’s still crazy about Hawke. And if he could ever learn to forgive her, they just might have a future together.

So, I kept seeing people add this book to their Goodreads TBR, and other people getting excited about receiving this book through NetGalley a while ago – so of course I read the synopsis and was intrigued and requested it myself.   And I got it.  *throws confetti*

But then when I went to add it to my Goodreads account, I noticed it was book 5 in a series.  I panicked.  Shit.  Was I supposed to read the first four before this one?  Are they all standalones?   And for whatever reason, I just kind of pushed this book to the side.  I’ll read other books first and figure this one out later, I kept telling myself.

Fast forward a bit, I’m in the midst of loving all things sports romance, so I decide to pick it up.  Yes, it’s fifth in a series, but yes, they’re all standalones.  Perfect.  I’ll start it.  I’m sitting at my desk at work and I open up Goodreads.  I click Hawke and mark it as currently reading.  My coworker who is a huge booker as well, looks over and asks if I’ve read the first four.  I say no.  She says, “Huh.  You realize this one has the worst reviews out of all of them… why would you start here?”

So again, I panic.  Damnit.  Should I read the others?  Should I just try this again later?  But the cover is so pretty I could lick this guy’s face!

I looked at the pretty cover, then to my coworker.  Back to the piercing blue eyes on the cover and back at my coworker.  Eh, screw it.  I’m going in.

And I am SO GLAD I did.  I loved this book.  I loved the characters.  I loved their story.  And if this story is the least favorite of the series (which I don’t know why it would be, it was awesome) I can’t imagine how much I’ll love the first four!

It’s a hockey romance (rawr!  Hello testosterone filled alpha males!) and also a second-chance romance, which I freaking love.

Vale is an ex-party girl with a great career.  Her dad (who I adored) is terminally ill and she picks up her life and does everything in her powers to take care of him.  She packs her bags, moves to a different country, works two jobs just to pay the bills.. you name it.  Gone are her facial piercings and binge drinking ways.  She’s a hard working woman and I loved everything about her.

Then there’s Hawke.  *fans face*  He is the epitome of sexy alpha male.  Big, buff, strong, can hold his liquor like a champ and fucks like a God.  His love for Vale is SO freaking strong and pure you could feel it deep in your bones.  He’s the one that was hurt from their previous breakup so badly that he’s broken inside.  Can’t love anyone else, but too scared to love her again.

I loved their relationship as kids – so bright, and crazy and strong…. but loved their love as adults – deep, passionate, and intense, even more.  It was a sexy, fun read and I have already started back at book 1 and can’t wait to read the other four!


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