Review: Hitched (Crushed #2) by Dawn Rae Miller

Review: Hitched (Crushed #2) by Dawn Rae MillerHitched by Dawn Rae Miller
Series: Crushed #2
April 14, 2015
Genres: New Adult
Pages: 229
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

Life hasn’t been easy for twenty-three year old Ellie Jacobs since her boyfriend, Fletch, walked out of her life two years earlier. She’s stuck in a consulting job she hates, buried under crushing student loans, and still longing for Fletch despite her best efforts to leave the past behind.

Letting go is hard when everywhere she turns, there’s a reminder of Fletch - from his face on gossip magazines to everyone being obsessed with his company, GroundFloor.

So when Ellie finds herself at a mutual friend’s wedding with Fletch, she decides to grin and bear it for the sake of the bride and groom. But years of anger have piled up, and Ellie doesn’t know if she can last the weekend without going crazy or lashing out.

However, as the wedding weekend progresses, Ellie realizes anger can only take you so far, but love can take you farther.

I am having such a huge moment of regret for reading Hitched.  I hate that I am having this moment, but I am having it, nonetheless.

Crushed was one of those diamond in the rough type books for me. It wasn’t perfect but it gave me so much of what I look for in books. It had plenty of snark and humor, it was sexy but in a slow burn type of way and it had characters that you could actually give a shit about.

Unfortunately, all that was lost for me in Hitched.  I didn’t care about Fletch or Ellie. In fact, so much of what I had loved about them before, seemed completely absent.  The relationship that was built on friendship and trust had been too easily tossed away and the reasoning for it was superficial at best.

On top of that, the resolution of what kept them apart for years…took all of about a five minute conversation and then they were back in love and planning a happily ever after.

I didn’t buy it.

Crushed will always hold a special place with me, Hitched is one I hope to forget.

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