Review: In Pieces by Gia Riley

Review: In Pieces by Gia RileyIn Pieces Published by Gia Riley November 8, 2015
Genres: Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Copy for Honest Review
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Rhett Taylor has a reputation to live up to. He’s the small town hero everyone expects to lead the team to victory. But looks can be deceiving, and the pressure unbearable – even after he confides in Kinsley West.

She may not have been the obvious choice to others, but he chose her anyway. Thanks to her newfound popularity, Kinsley’s no longer living in the shadow of her older brother. For once, she has an identity of her own.

But what builds quickly, often comes tumbling down. Piece by piece they find out how unpredictable young love can be. Can their love stand the test of time? Or will it be captured, only to be forgotten?

A roll of film sets their story in motion.
Each frame better than the last.

The real test comes when their whirlwind romance forces Kinsley to protect their secret – especially if she wants a future. Only Kinsley isn’t sure she can do it - not if she’s going to be left behind In Pieces.

I love finding good reads by mistake.  I stumbled upon this cover on Instagram and fell in love with the simplicity of it, I was lucky enough to read it early and meet this adorable little crew, even though now the book is released.

All of this may be new to her, but the way she’s looking at me right now isn’t the way she was looking at me when we left school today.  For the first time, I feel like she truly trusts me-that she’s not holding back, or keeping any secrets from me.


Now there were a few things that put a kink in the reading for me, but not enough to make me stop.

The book opens up in Kinsley West’s POV and early on you learn about some crucial facts that make this young woman the person that she is.  It’s apparent right away that she is an eighteen year old girl aged a few years beyond her time, but for a little while she acts her age and what good that does her…

Rhett Taylor is your All American boy who is the star of the football team and every high school girls obsession.  I mean the boy is so damn cute and swoon-worthy he makes me wish I were eighteen again and riding in his F-150 with him.

She fits next to me like she’s always belonged there, and I realize this game isn’t going to be as easy as I thought it was.


But this is where I had a little issue, as mentioned the first few chapters were in Kinsley’s POV and she explains their first encounter that sparks the fire to start their relationship and so on and so fourth.  I just wish I had a chapter or two in Rhett’s head to understand how his feelings evolved over time for her and became so intense.  In that aspect I felt a little robbed of the connection they shared.  However a few times I kind of began to  second guess their relationship but then there would be dialogue that redeemed any doubts I had.  Even though dual POV books are very common it doesn’t mean they are all good, but I thought Gia Riley did an amazing job of jumping between voices and keeping me in the moment with both characters.

This story was so freaking cute I couldn’t take it, it just gave me the warm and fuzzes all over and just when I thought things were going in one direction and I could predict how things may end, there was a bit of a twist, and I loved it! Rhett and Kinsley definitely won me over in quite a few ways. I loved how they interact with one another and their young love resonated off the pages for me, I’ll admit I may be in love with an 18-year old Rhett Taylor!

“I was made to love you, Kinsley West. We were always meant to be.”


Another thing I did love were the surrounding characters, their stories definitely enhanced things instead of taking from it, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with side stories that didn’t belong.  BASICALLY I ENJOYED THIS BOOK. It was super sweet and just brightened up my BLACK HEART. 


  • Hadassah Harper

    I love the cover, and I love the quote in the last graphic – “I was made to love you, Kinsley West. We were always meant to be.”

    • Rhett Taylor is such a swoon worthy boy! That was one of my fave quotes too! 🙂

  • Michelle Morrison Monroe

    Love the cover and what a great review! The graphics are awesome!! Thanks for sharing, going to check it out!

    • Thank you! It was definitely a fun quick and cute read, I really enjoyed it! I hope you do too if you give it a try. 🙂

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