Review: Rushing In by Lexi Ryan

Review: Rushing In by Lexi RyanRushing In by Lexi Ryan
Series: The Blackhawk Boys #2
August 30, 2016
Genres: New Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Copy for Honest Review
Also by this author: All for This
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The favor seemed simple: Keep my new stepsister out of trouble for one summer.

I’ve never met Grace Lee, but Mom tells me she’s a quiet and artsy college student with a troubled past. When I agreed to let her stay with me, I thought it was no big deal. I expected to share my apartment with a sullen girl who’d spend hours locked in her room.

I didn’t expect a walking fantasy determined to make me lose my cool.

I didn’t expect a woman with secrets so dark, so deep, I’d throw away everything if it would save her from the past.

Rushing in to do this favor is turning my life upside down—and not just because Grace needs her ass spanked. Keep her out of trouble? Grace is the trouble. And I want in.

RUSHING IN is a standalone novel and the second in The Blackhawk Boys series.

Football. Secrets. Lies. Passion. These boys don’t play fair. Which Blackhawk Boy will steal your heart?

I KNOW I’ve said this before, but there is just something about Ryan’s writing that pulls me in and always leaves me comfortably satisfied. Rushing In…no different.  I actually enjoyed it more than the first Blackhawk Boys book.  Why?


In Spinning Out (first book of the series) I really liked the hero, but the lead female left me feeling a bit bored. So not the case with Rushing In. Grace had personality and even when I didn’t fully understand or agree with her decisions, I felt like they came from a place true to her insecurities as a young woman.  And Ryan writes insecurities well, whatever they may be.  In this case, Grace is a mess because of misguided attentions from boys when she was young and from a missing mother figure. 

Chris entering her life as her new stepbrother complicates the cage she’s built around her life.  He’s not sure why, but he’s determined to get close enough to her to break that cage open.  Chris is the ultimate good guy and he was pretty adorable.  Much less hard than any Ryan boy I’ve read in the past, and I quite liked what she did with him.

After I finished Rushing In, a book buddy asked me my thoughts and said ‘it doesn’t sound gritty enough for you’. Which is valid, I do tend to read more on a darker scale. But as we chatted she brought up a point. She basically said Lexi Ryan writes the innocence I like, when I typically hate innocence. And that is it exactly for me as well.  You can hand me virgin story after virgin story and I’ll probably be bored with 98% of them, but I bet if I got one from Ryan, I’d love it. She just has a style that speaks to me as a woman with issues and as a reader who likes real characters.

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