Review: Second Chance Season by Liora Blake

Review: Second Chance Season by Liora BlakeSecond Chance Season Published by Simon & Schuster June 20, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
Source: Copy for Honest Review

Return to Liora Blake's Grand Valley series with Second Chance Season, in which an avowed country boy meets an ambitious city girl who reminds him why dreaming big and taking a chance is worth the risk.

Garrett Strickland is unapologetically country, fiercely loyal, and all about living in the present and not dwelling in the past--even if he was once on his way to a lofty agricultural sciences degree that would guarantee the brightest of futures, only to end up back home when his old man died, leaving behind a debt-ridden family farm that was impossible to keep afloat. After that, it was easy to see why dreaming big wasn't worth the heartache of losing everything. And until he crosses paths with a city girl who's hell-bent on kick-starting her own future, he's sure that good enough is just that.

Cara Cavanaugh is ready for more from life, even if that means changing everything; including dumping her long time boyfriend, turning down a lucrative job at a major newspaper, and leaving behind the upscale suburbs of Chicago where she grew up. Now, she just has to pray that temporarily relocating to the middle of nowhere in Colorado will be the first step in building a career as a freelance writer--all she has to do is prove she's got what it takes to make a name for herself. Unfortunately, her tony country day school is as close to country as she's ever been. But when a goodhearted guy who looks like he just stumbled out of a country music video offers to help, she ends up falling hard...and discovering that the perfect story, as it turns out, is a love story. And it's theirs.

This is my second title by Liora Blake and I can definitely say she has become one of my all time favorite authors!

I read First Step Forward the first standalone in the Grand Valley Series last year in November and it fast became one of my top reads of, well ever.  Loaded words I know…  But trust me it was that good, I am about to go on and on, so let me stop here and focus on Second Chance Season the second standalone in the Grand Valley Series.

Garrett and Cara have the best chemistry!  Not the kind where they touch and there’s this spark and you roll your eyes, cause really that doesn’t happen unless your sweater just came out of the dryer causing static.  But these two had smart dialogue as well as witty retorts.  I found myself enjoying simple situations they were in because they honestly meshed so well and I could not get enough.

Garrett moves back to Hotchkiss his hometown with a few credits shy of a degree after tragedy occurs and he has to sell his family’s plot of land.  And after all of that is said and done he does not continue on with his degree or anything more that requires him to abandon the comfort zone that he has placed himself in.  While he seems content working at the co-op living his life day to day Cara enters his life and unknowingly reminds him that it is okay to want for more than just what you have.  That can be a very scary realization, and for Garrett that’s exactly what it was.

Cara on the other hand was living a mundane life with a boyfriend who felt more like a glorified friend than a partner.  She quits her job opting for a freelance writing life that brings her to the little-big agricultural town that is Hotchkiss.  On assignment she is learning the ways of life for all ranching and farming type owners.  What she didn’t expect was to fit in as best as she did as a city transplant could in a little town.  Garrett becomes her mentor of sorts and helps to introduce her to a lot of people who offer their story to her and give her a first hand experience in their craft.

As you can guess things escalate from their very first run in with one another and they come to agree on 3 months together, that’s as long as Cara will be working on her story and well they both are more than eager to devote that time to on another.

While there were obvious differences between them it didn’t matter…

Cara is rich with a trust and Garrett has a small savings.

Garrett knows who he is and Cara is searching for her true self.

The list could go on and on but what does it matter when they are together everything seems so right?! So where is the conflict, when do things get rocky… the three months are up and sadly thats when things do get rocky, and you know what, it was so damn hard to read.

It was sad because while Cara and Garrett felt something so real they were able to continue on with their lives without one another.  Yeah they could have holed up and practically died but reading about them going on with their habitual routines was some how more depressing.  Like yeah I practically loved you but I still have to live, SAD RIGHT?!

Fast forward to the end and… sike! I’m not telling you, because SPOILER ALERT! Lol.  As you may have guessed this is one of my FAVE reads of the year and I have not been able to stop talking about it since I read it.  It’s that story that you instantly want to re-read because you don’t want to spend a second missing them but instead want to be fully immersed in their world.



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