Review: Still Surviving by A.M. Johnson

Review: Still Surviving by A.M. JohnsonStill Surviving by A.M. Johnson
Published by Smashwords Edition January 7th 2016
Genres: New Adult
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: Copy for Honest Review

Hate… Anger… Distrust… it fed the animal.Status… Money… Power it’s all women want.Never yield… Never give them a piece of who you are.These were the ideals that Seth Montgomery had lived with since he was a child. After his mother abandoned their family for another man, the same man who took everything from Seth’s father, Seth’s life turned dark. He’d never give a woman all that control. He’d never give them the satisfaction of destroying his heart.Tiffany Webster had been falling in love with one man for the past three years. Her boss’s best-friend. The day Seth walked into her bar, the day his steel blue eyes met hers, she was hooked. But, Seth Montgomery was unattainable, and only into one night hook-ups with a certain type of girl. A girl Tiffany was not.Tiffany was the one girl Seth had ever considered breaking his rules for, but swore he’d never corrupt.Until one night… when everything fell apart… and hidden truths surfaced.When your past hurts so much it makes it hard to breathe and your heart ache, what else can you do? What path should you take to feel something, trust someone again?Two hearts… two souls… align…One shift… one break… and you’re falling.Feel this… trust this…Survive this.

Sometimes I need a good strong story line with characters who rock my world entirely… Thankfully A.M. Johnson delivered with this one! Still Surviving is book three in her Forever Still Series of standalones and by far my favorite, every book has been vastly better than the one before and obviously in this case the best has been saved for last.

Seth and Tiffany are the main characters and I appreciated how developed their characteristics were, they were very thorough in their traits and watching them advance forward together in their journey made me completely happy.  Their connection was apparent from the beginning but so many things hindered them from each other, mainly one another. Self doubt and loathing played a major role with these two, their pasts and futures were so intertwined that there was no way to move forward and they were standing still wanting what they thought they could never have.


Once again Johnson threw me for a loop, she has a knack for throwing in a twist that I never see coming and quite honestly it leaves me a little breathless EVERY TIME! The antagonist in this story who shall remain nameless also baffled me in such a good way, but more so, he added so much to the story that I could’t imagine it without him. His villainous ways may have even charmed me a little, almost!

Seth Montgomery is quite the male specimen full of tattoos, a big penis, and women issues, yup my favorite kind of fictional man! He was brooding but bright, cynical but happy, closed off but slightly open, does that even make sense?! Regardless he lead me  on this roller coaster ride of emotions I constantly wanted to cradle him then sit on his face I was very conflicted but hey maybe a girl can have both. More importantly there was this lingering sadness to him that he couldn’t live up to be the man that he needed to be for Tiffany but if he just opened his eyes  maybe even used a little visine he would know she adored him for the simple fact that he was HIM.

Tiffany Webster has made my list of fave heroines with her little boobs and witty personality I wish I could call her up for lunch and talk all things Seth! Now this girl was not the average and she carried around so much guilt you wanted to shoulder some of it for her but her determination overpowered her demons and her strength prevailed. When Seth couldn’t bring himself to the light she happily sat in the shadows with him slowly coaxing him out of his own personal hell.  That’s what drew me to her the most, her devotion was loyal but she was not going to always be side lined by him and wait around till he gave her the time of day she deserved, she held her ground and I loved that!


If you can’t commit yourself to all three books in this series I would ask that you read this one only, this is a book that will stay with me well after its days. Here I am weeks later and still frequent through my highlights because apart of me will forever belong to this couple and whenever I need to pay them a visit they are always close by!

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