Romance Ranting: Dear Rory (Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Review)



WARNING: This post is full of SPOILERS!!
If you have not watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, then DO NOT read this post. Go watch the revival on Netflix first. If you feel ragey or disappointed after watching it then come back here to read this post. If you enjoyed the revival and want to read Tiffany’s thoughts then continue on reading. If you don’t care about the Gilmore Girls and like to enjoy reading about Tiffany’s frustrations then continue on reading.




Dear Rory
It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve been in each other’s lives and the homecoming was oh so welcome until it wasn’t. November 25th was a day I counted down on a physical calendar as well as every platform on social media. I was on your side even when others weren’t. I withstood judgement from my friends for you.  But then you turn around and you disappoint me to no end… Where do I even begin?! 
Well let’s see in 9 years you’ve progressively moved backwards and not in the least bit forward. Why?! Remember when you graduated from Chilton at the top of your class, or when you graduated Yale as a valedictorian, or what about when you trailed Obamas presidential campaign (I mean he was our president for 8 years, don’t you feel like you were apart of it)? Well, I remember because I lived those proud moments with you and back to your very present now I am living with your very disappointing moments as well. 
And now I’ll begin…
Right off the bat we learn you have a boyfriend named Paul and you’ve been with him for 2 years, but forget all about him all the time!! Even so, I was willing to forgive that along with the fact you are basically homeless and shipping your boxes to every resident in Stars Hollow. GIRL ,you’re 32, get your life right. But then DAYS later you end up in London with Logan which makes you a cheater, YET AGAIN. So I guess no lesson was learned in season 4, and just because you forget about Paul makes it okay to cheat on him, eh?! I was so mad because YOU KNOW BETTER.  But then you kind of hint to Logan about him having any girls items laying around, possibly making him a cheater as well… but I’m still holding out hope that my beloved Logan IS NOT A CHEATER since we are still only in episode one. And Paris that girl accomplished enough for the both of you combined in the last 9 years and then some. So why did she turn out so well and you didn’t? She has been your Christina Yang since the dawn of time, there to keep you on track and to remind you that you are the sun! But you still did not shine and you’ve published one article in The New Yorker while she has a MD, PHD, and hell any other kind of “D” you can attain. I will say what I loved about the Winter episode was Richards funeral, no surprise that the death was my favorite part, but it was the most honest part and the tribute paid to him was well done. 
AND YUP within the first ten minutes of the second episode I knew nothing could save the revival for me. Enter Mr. Huntzberger who confirms that Logan is engaged. Now I’m not a prude, not in the least, but 14 years later and Rory you are in the same damn situation! But what really gets me is the way Logan’s character is being sullied in dirty dish water. No matter what team you you were on whether it be Dean, Jess, or Logan (#teamLOGAN here) one thing we can all agree on as a whole is that Logan loved you Rory and would of given you the world complete with an avocado tree, had you said yes to his proposal in season 7. That being said, I refuse to accept the way his character is being torn to shreds. He is not making you the other woman, RORY, YOU ARE  choosing to be the other woman (there is a difference)!!!
More Tiffany Insights: After this revelation I was only continuing to watch just to get to the end. Paris and Rory had a Chilton day where even the Headmaster was concerned about Rory’s future and career, really this is just sad at this point. More Lorelei being selfish, Richard still wants Luke to franchise even in death, Paris yelling at Doyle, Caesar has long hair, Rory got dropped from her only work lead and then she is reduced to work for free, and she has a one night stand with a Wookiee.
“I’m feeling very lost these days.” Rory this was the reason you refused Logans proposal 9 years ago this is no longer valid and your Ivy League ass is not allowed to use this excuse! 
You guessed it, more let down. Are you catching on to the theme here.  Blah, blah, blah, oh and a musical! What in the world, literally 20 wasted minutes on a musical that tied into absolutely nothing! But the one good thing about the Summer episode was JESS, and he is the voice of reason in your chaos Rory (very similar to Luke & Lorelais dynamic) but once again you even drab down on the conversation, of all the things that can be said you state that you don’t have any underwear.  
More Tiffany Insights: Jess does convince her to write a book about her and her mother which spurs a spark. I fell asleep after the first hour in this episode my body was literally rejecting this revival bullshit. Nonetheless I sadly still know what happens (out of order) Lorelei decides she’s going to do “WILD” the book version and it’s just a dumb added in twist, Lorelei is not supporting Rory’s book idea, and lastly even though it didn’t really happen last Rory and Logan “break up”.
DAYS later and I am still upset about this whole ordeal Rory because if were really listening to this conversation you know all you would have to do is pull a Meredith Grey and tell him to choose you, love you, and it would be done Logan would be there for you, there would be no more Odette!! 
Fall (finally): 
This is it and any expectations I had have far been diminished. My favorite part of this episode though happened to be everyone’s least favorite and while I will admit it was dumb it was still the best. Shall I say Guerrilla masks?! That can only mean one thing, the Life and Death Brigade are about to takeover your life Rory, and my beloved Logan was with them. Why would he be with them when you two ended the bullshit affair, because he LOVES YOU THAT’S WHY!! So whilst the scene was dumb it was Logans devotion to you that made it my favorite. 
More Tiffany Insights: Fast forward Lorelei is back from her trip and not breaking up with Luke and they’re finally getting married, Emily went off to Nantucket, Rory is using Richards office to write, and Lorelei and Rory make amends.  Back to Rory and she sees Dean and thank all that he atleast made it out alive and his character is intact. And I’m going to fast forward again real fast to the infamous last four words, which was a dialogue not just 4 words from Rory.  
Rory: Mom 
Lorelei: Yeah
Rory: I’m pregnant. 
So, Rory, yes I could of wrote a letter to your mother or grandmother or even to Logan himself so he knew these episodes would never change my perception of him but instead I have to write it to you. To you because I’ve loved you through all your previous stages of life and your truth didn’t make me love you any less but the way you grew into that truth is what subtracted from my love for you. This is the thing this “full circle” conclusion, it’s bullshit! YOU Rory Gilmore had a chance, you were granted opportunities so you didn’t end up in the same position as your mother and yet you still did, but 16 years older than her. And the cryptic visit to Christopher’s office wasn’t for your book like we thought, it was for your own insight to raise your child on your own and well that’s selfish. I have to assume it’s Logans and he should be given the chance, given the chance because I know he would do right by you, he always has. Let’s be clear Jess is not your Luke, Logan is not your Christopher, and Dean is not your Max. They aren’t because you have the insight to not mislead or mistreat these men because YOU KNOW BETTER. MORALS RORY, MORALS, you have them but did not practice them. I am very literally undoing this revival, in my book I will keep you on the pedestal I always have where you graduated Yale and followed Obama and you became your own woman one who defied the full circle and even though you loved a man you defined your own happiness on your own. So there the end for me will always  be at season 7, where even though I was sad you turned down Logans proposal you stood proud and were an admirable woman. 
Tiffany Ly (my actual last name because this is a letter of importance) 


P.S. – I read in a previous article the Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband never watched season 7 because they didn’t write it and after seeing these 4 episodes it was clear they didn’t. Rumored this is how the series was always supposed to end and had Rory been 22 it might have made much more sense but that is not the case and this ending felt more like closure for the writers and not the viewers. BUT no matter how bad Amy Sherman-Palladino tainted these characters, and she did, for me LOGAN will always be the man who surprised Rory on rooftops, sat in the hospital with her after Richards heart-attack, and gave her experiences that will last a lifetime, always! 



  • Andrea Jones

    Yes! This is exactly how I felt!!!

  • Both of these women have messed up love lives and with Lorelei finally getting her crap together I felt like this was a wrap up on her as a character and a beginning for “adult” Rory. I thought Rory learned her lesson with married Dean but I guess she didn’t. I think Logan is her Christopher.

  • Melissa Pandolfi

    Yes! Yes! So much all of this! I was so disappointed. First of all, I hate Luke and Lorelei together, always did. But, more importantly they got it totally wrong! Logan was everything Rory needed and I agree she was too young at 22 to accept. But, 10 years later I expected her to have matured and not be making such stupid mistakes. And to have her not tell Logan about the baby b/c of some bullshit conversation she had with Christopher is totally stupid. I was hoping for another season to correct these and other mistakes but, I think they would only screw it up more. 🙁

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