Romance Ranting: Why Our Book World is F*cking Amazing



I spent the weekend at the Emerald City Author Event in Seattle, and let me tell you, I had the freaking time of my life.  Driving home I was in tears – some from exhaustion, but mostly from being so filled with those gross things called emotions I was overflowing.

Something happened on the last morning I was there, and it wasn’t something I ever planned on talking about, because it really isn’t my story.  But after the last couple of days and some of the stuff being posted in Facebookland, I really wanted to remind everyone about how AMAZING our crazy little book world is.

There was a group of seven of us having breakfast at the most amazing little restaurant.  We didn’t have reservations, most of us were hungover, and we’re all pretty high on the hot-mess-scale-of-life.  We were loud, hungry, ordering everything off the menu and practically licking our plates.

At the end of our meal, one person (an author) quietly grabbed the ticket for the entire table and most of us were clueless that she had even done that.   The next thing I know, I turn to my left and see my fellow blogger crying.  The author on my left who had grabbed the ticket had her back to me, but was obviously wiping tears herself.  And off to the side?  The cute little waitress who dealt with our shit the entire morning was a sobbing mess.  She hugged the girls and quickly rushed to the back of the restaurant to compose herself.

What the Hell had just happened?   I looked left and right and the majority of us had no idea why two of us were crying.  I mean, the food was great… but I personally have never cried tears of joy from a perfect bowl of cheesey grits.

So we asked, and come to find out when the waitress brought back a wad of cash as change, the person who paid told her to keep it.  She earned it.  We were starving beasts and she worked her butt off.   And that’s when the waitress broke down.  You see, her and her fiance were to be married soon, but something had happened and he had suffered a serious brain injury.  Money was tight. In a time where they should have been high on life and love, she was completely stressed and worried.   “That little bit of extra money will go such a long way to help,” she said.

Her tears brought those two to tears.  And when they told the rest of us, we all cried.   And you know what?  Within seconds the entire table pulled out their purses and they started piling together money for this girl.  No questions asked, no prompting, no reason other than helping another human being have a little more hope and happiness.

Handing her the money was something that I’ll always remember and cherish.   Giving her a hug and feeling her entire body shake with emotion still makes me want to cry now, two days later.

You see, from where I’m sitting, this isn’t the only time I’ve seen this happen.  In this crazy little book world we live in, I see it all. the. time.   A reader with cancer has a GoFundMe set up and it explodes with donations.  The town of Flint has a water crisis and authors band together to raise money.  An authors posting their Starbucks card so readers all over the county can have a cup of coffee on her.  Just recently an author held an auction for kids with Autism and authors and bloggers went crazy with donations.

The amazingness of this book world is EVERYWHERE.  Authors promoting other authors.  Readers meeting up at signings and becoming best friends.  Online groups doing monthly  book giveaways.

I could go on and on, but really what I’m trying to say is:  Don’t let the times when you see negative post after negative post cloud your day.  The majority of what I see is a huge community that genuinely cares…and cares passionately.

I am so humbled and honored to be a part of this book world, and love ya’ll to pieces.  Thank you for being such an important part of my world.  <3

  • Chanpreet

    I’m ugly crying over here. This is so true. For every bad thing that comes to light, there are exponentially more good things that don’t. Book Love is the best.

  • Nancy Doublin

    People who read books, especially romance, are the best people. This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

    Also, I don’t know anything about negative posts, but I had a freaking GREAT time at ECAE. My name badge hangs from my rear view mirror and I talk about it to everyone. It totally rocked.

  • I agree, there is so much more positive than negative in our community! *HUGS*

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